How to Survive the AI Era

Strategies, Tools, and Insights to Adapt and Grow with Artificial Intelligence

I’m excited to deliver to you this first edition of the Evolutionary Entrepreneur: AI + Metaverse Guide!

My goal is to help you, the ambitious entrepreneur, leverage AI to drive your success … while also becoming a better human!

Here’s a summary:

  • 🖖 Welcome! and what to expect …

  • 🌎 Who are Evolutionary Entrepreneurs?

  • 🔥 How to Survive & Evolve in the AI Era

  • 🎥 The Frost AI Film

  • 💪 AI Survival Strategies

  • 🛠️ AI Survival Tools

  • 👁️ Insight: The Human Spirit Must Prevail!

Read time: 8 minutes

Let’s get into it …

🖖 Welcome! and what to expect …

The Evolutionary Entrepreneur AI + Metaverse Guide informs, involves, and inspires with AI + Metaverse tools, strategies, and insights to help you realize potential, and lead a purpose-driven life and business!

Today’s letter is a long one. I’m introducing context as we move forward. These letters will often be a mix of philosophical theory and practical application. Both are important to survive and evolve in the era of AI. My aim is to provide practical tools and strategies, and philosophical insights to help you orient, navigate, and leverage AI to your advantage, and realize health, wealth, and freedom!

This is primarily an AI Guide. AI heralds the beginning of a most extraordinary time in human history. AI’s impact on human culture will be greater than the Internet, social media, and blockchain combined! In fact, I believe AI will have greater influence than our adoption of electricity! While this letter will occasionally cover other emerging technologies (such as Web3/Crypto/NFTs, VR/AR/XR, and the Metaverse), the primarily focus is on AI.

I’ll go lite on AI news, because: 1) there‘s loads of AI news each week, yet the focus of this (news)letter is to help you make the news! 2) there’s already many good AI news sources out there (I’ll recommend some below), so no need for redundancy. However, I will occasionally cover significant breakthroughs in AI, and important AI news relevant to you as an evolutionary entrepreneur in these extraordinary and exponential times.

🌎 Who are Evolutionary Entrepreneurs?

Evolutionary Entrepreneurs (EEs) are people who aspire to build deeply purpose-driven lives and businesses that solve significant problems, while being aware and aligned with evolutionary principles and trends. EE’s have open minds to the full scope of opportunities and challenges involved with how humans are evolving alongside technology. EE’s are a big topic that we’ll get further into in future letters.

🔥 How to Survive & Evolve in the AI Era

Today, we’ll focus on a fundamental trend in evolution: SURVIVAL!

For most of human evolution (200,000+ years), we’ve behaved much like other animal species: primarily focused on survival. We lived in caves, learned to make tools, control fire, grow food, and collaborate. We’ve continually learned to adapt, to find ways to survive longer and better against the challenges of natural environments. Since the dawn of human civilization (only 5000 years ago), our modes of survival have changed—but we still operate largely by the animal instincts programmed in our DNA. This survival instinct is a primary trend in evolution. The force of nature wants life to survive!

“The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability."

~ Charles Darwin

Darwin with UFO Monkeys

Someday, perhaps humanity will evolve entirely beyond our animal instincts, and less fortunate aspects like greed, manipulation, and competition will become remnants of the past. We are moving in that direction, and still have a ways to go … yet I’m optimistic we’ll get there.

Now here we are in 2023, entering an era of extraordinary and exponential change with great challenges and opportunities ahead. While we aspire to both survive AND thrive, collective thrivability is founded first on individual survivability, and our capacity to adapt to changing environments together.

"Evolution is not just about the survival of the fittest, but also about the cooperation and collaboration among species for mutual benefit."

~ Unknown

In today’s information rich world, physical strength is becoming less important. With the rapid rise of AI, intelligence is becoming automated. Now humans can concentrate more on what humans do best: imagine, create, direct, explore, collaborate, and ADAPT!

🎥 The Frost AI Film

Speaking of survival by adaptation, check out this new AI short film, “The Frost”. In the icy depths of Antarctica, a team sets out to investigate a strange signal, unknowingly embarking on a journey that will challenge everything they thought they knew about their past and future. Will humanity survive AI?

This 12-minute movie introduces a never-seen-before cinematic world crafted entirely from AI-generated imagery. Made by Waymark with OpenAI's DALL-E 2, the video showcases the potential of this new genre.

I’m looking forward to part 2!

Meanwhile, let’s move on to more practical and immediate strategies for your adaptation to AI …

💪 AI Survival Strategies

Surviving and thriving in an AI-driven world requires a mix of technical understanding, adaptability, and a focus on human-centric skills. Here are some practical strategies:

⬇️ Download the full AI Survival Strategies Information Graphic. 

1. Understand the Basics of AI: you don't need to be a computer scientist, but having a basic understanding of what AI is, how it works, and its potential applications can help you navigate the AI landscape. There are many online resources and courses available to learn about AI. I recommend to start:

AI For Everyone: a FREE, non-technical course that will help you understand AI technologies, and how to apply AI to problems in your own organization.

AI for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs: a course to help you understand AI in an evolutionary context, and how to apply fundamental AI tools and strategies to boost your productivity and effectiveness as a purpose-driven entrepreneur. I’m building this course now, and will announce more details soon. Stay tuned!

2. Stay Informed: AI is a rapidly evolving field. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments, breakthroughs, and debates in AI. This can help you understand how AI might impact your life and work, and how you can best respond. Here is my top favorite AI news source:

The Rundown AI: get the rundown on the latest developments in AI before everyone else.

3. Develop Digital Literacy: as AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, digital literacy is increasingly important. This includes understanding how to use and interact with AI systems, as well as understanding issues around data privacy and security.

Google’s Applied Digital Skills: learn practical digital skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow with free video lessons.

4. Focus on Human Skills: AI is good at tasks that are rule-based and predictable, but it struggles with tasks that require emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking, and complex decision-making. Focusing on developing these human skills can help you stay relevant in an AI-driven world.

5. Adaptability and Lifelong Learning: the rise of AI is likely to change the nature of many jobs, and some jobs may disappear altogether. Being adaptable and committed to lifelong learning can help you navigate these changes.

The Evolutionary Entrepreneur Academy (E2A): I’m in motion to deliver a series of educational courses to help entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, not only survive—but thrive in this exponential age.

MythOS - Mythic Operating System: a social game system that catalyzes meaningful experiences, gathers stories, and engenders collective coherency by co-creating a collective vision of our future. MythOS guides people on a lifelong learning path to optimize a purpose-driven life and business.

I’ll make announcements as courses, programs, E2A, and MythOS are ready and open!

6. Ethical Awareness: as AI systems become more prevalent, understanding the ethical implications of AI is increasingly important. This includes issues around bias in AI, the impact of AI on jobs, and the potential for AI to be used in ways that are harmful.

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: UNESCO produced the first-ever global standard on AI ethics—the ‘Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’ in November 2021. This framework was adopted by all 193 Member States.

What are AI ethics?: IMB’s AI ethics guide data scientists and researchers to build AI systems in an ethical manner to benefit society as a whole.

7. Participate in AI Governance: as a citizen, you can participate in discussions and decision-making processes about how AI should be used and regulated. This can help ensure that AI is used in a way that benefits everyone.

National Artificial Intelligence Initiative: the US government’s program for overseeing and implementing the United States national AI strategy.

AI Gove­rnan­ce Alli­ance: WEF’s pioneering initiative that unites industry leaders, governments, academic institutions, and civil society organizations, to champion responsible global design and release of transparent and inclusive AI systems.

SingularityNET - Decentralized AI Governance: creating a decentralized, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is not dependent on any central entity, is open for anyone, and not restricted to narrow goals of a single corporation or country. Watch the Keynote l Decentralized Governance Summit 2023.

8. Health and Well-being: as AI takes over more routine tasks, we will have more time for activities that enhance our well-being. It's important to use this time wisely and focus on activities that enhance our physical, mental, and social well-being.

Wellness Toolkits: NIH’s wellness toolkits help you find ways to improve your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Remember, AI is a tool that can be used for good or ill. It's up to us to ensure that it's used in a way that benefits everyone.

Evolutions Tools

🛠️ AI Survival Tools

When it comes to AI survival, these 3 tools are currently the most fundamental AI tools every entrepreneur should know. These are like the flint, stick, and fire 🔥 of AI survival!

I’ve used these tools on a nearly daily basis for the last 8+ months, and when used right have boosted my productivity and effectiveness by at least 5x - 10x! 

In future letters, I’ll go into more detail and show you exactly how I use these tools. For now, I recommend becoming more familiar (if you haven’t already):

🤖 ChatGPT: I use ChatGPT daily for everything from research, content generation, business decisions, branding, marketing, coding, and so much more! I’ve even used ChatGPT to invent my recipe for delicious “SkyNet cookies”! This tool is a must! Here is everything you need to know about ChatGPT.

🤖 Perplexity: as an addition to ChatGPT, Perplexity is a bit easier to use and is better at web research (way better than Google search). Just go directly to the website and start using it for free.

🤖 MidJourney: it’s the best AI image generation tool out there. I love MJ, and use it frequently to create compelling image-art (like the image below). It’s great for generating any kind of image you may want for your business, or just to have fun! Here’s a Quick Start guide on how to set up a MidJourney account.

And a bonus resource:

🤖 There’s an AI for That: there are literally 1000s of AI tools available now, and probably 100s more being introduced each day. It’s crazy! This is the best resource I know of for finding the tools you need.

👁️ Insight: The Human Spirit Must Prevail!

"The human spirit must prevail over technology." ~ Albert Einstein

AI is going to increase the “pressure” on us to deeply evaluate what is means to be human, and thereby will enhance our most essential human qualities and values … Read the full Twitter post:

That’s all!
Until next time …

~ Michael Gaio
@ Mythic Systems